Thing 13: 21st Century Conference

I watched the conference  “Everything Apps for the K12 Educator” presented by Naomi Harm.


She emphasized the need for educators to focus on student driven activities and becoming the facilitator. Teachers need to remember  to integrate technology while not forgetting to provide assessment, accountability, and purposeful learning outcomes.

Constructive play was suggested.  This is a time for educators to use and evaluate apps for themselves.

An excellent evaluation of apps was provided.  Information was provided on apps used for productivity, storytelling, math, science, language arts, and history.

Several of the apps I have used, but many were new and I cannot wait to try them!

As I continue to plan for a year of using the iPad as a learning tool in classrooms Pre-K to 6th, I will use several apps suggested at this conference!

The “21st Century Conference” is outstanding and the concept of being able to watch the conferences at any time is convenient.  I would like to prepare and present a conference in the future.



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